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layflat binding
128 lined pages

7-3/4 w x 10 h inches
(19.6 w x 25.4 h cm)

90% post consumer recycled paper
60% bamboo pulp & 40% sugarcane pulp paper sheets

Post-consumer recycled cover
Bamboo & sugarcane interior pages
Cover & paper are compostable
Cover & paper are recyclable
Printed with soy ink



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
A wonderful book❤️

Today I went to target and got this colorful and wonderful book . And I also got the pens it don’t make no sense this pens write so good never had no pen like this. I love the quality of the pens and book ima go back and bye more I always had diary’s and I would not recommend them I will always be getting y’all books and pens ❤️

Shayla Gutierrez
begging for more options!

my brother has a notebook and he loved it. i would love if they just came in more colors besides brown and grey! a lot of potential here! doesnt even have to be bright colors, even muted tones would be perfect

Raymond Kelly
Need 90-page version

Any chance of making a 90-page version? I am using it as custom daily planner/calendar and having an extra 30 pages would align better with the "quarterly" planning/tracking concept.

Robert S.
Love this notebook

A few days ago, I browsing in the office supplies section of Target when I saw this notebook. For some reason, it captured my attention. I opened it and flipped through the pages. Immediately, I thought that if I had to pick any notebook in the store, it would be this one.

The design was modern. Minimalist, but beautiful. The notebook wasn't super bulky and would fit nicely in my bag, and it still had a lot of pages for being slim. I loved the pages because of how spacious they looked. I loved that there were no margins. The pages felt nice, smelt nice, and they weren't super thin. Sturdy, but not super thick. So, printer paper thickness. The cover wasn't overly thick either, but it was sturdy enough to protect the pages. The texture felt pretty nice too (I got the charcoal notebook). The spine was sturdy. The book laid flat. So no annoying curved pages as you get further into the book that makes you have to keep it open with a paperweight or your hand.

Unlike regular, plain-old spiral notebooks, these notebooks were sturdy and not at all flimsy. Today, I ripped out a page, and it came out clean. No rips, frayed or fuzzy edges. How ever this book was binded though, the pages aren't loose. Tug on the paper, and it's sturdy. If you're going to rip a page, you got to rip near the center.

Meanwhile, the vast selection of other colorful books (while pretty) only gave me a headache. It felt like I was being boxed in with all the pre-made templates, pockets, flaps, and designs to fit a specific theme. Though stylistic and decorative, they didn't appeal to me. I was originally in the store to get a paper cutter to DIY my own notebook, but I felt that if I were to customize the Good Office Day notebook in the future, its simplistic design would give me a lot of leeway to suit my own tastes and needs. Plus, making a notebook takes time, and I'm not the best at binding pages, nor did I have all of the tools I wanted to make my own notebook. I didn't want to purchase more things, so I found it more cost-effective and less of a hassle to just get this notebook instead of making one.

One more thing that stuck out to me was that this notebook was environmentally friendly because the label said it was made of recyclable/compostable materials. To be honest, when I was a bit doubtful of this because of how some products say they are "green," but they actually aren't and are using this claim to lure in consumers into paying for overpriced items. However, I was more assured of the legitimacy of this product's environmental friendliness and whether the company cares after checking out the brand's website (even the website is aesthetic and well-formatted).

The price wasn't bad either. There were notebooks/planners/journals going for $15, $20, $25 dollars. But I got this one (in-store, so no shipping or extra fees applied) for $9.99 (excluding tax).

TL;DR Good notebook. Simple, modern, slim, and sturdy. Not flimsy. Good quality paper. Lays flat. Is environmentally friendly, recyclable, compostable. 5/5 stars.

Beautiful Notebooks

I love this notebook and the layflat binding. I am a chronic note-taker/lister so I am always buying notepads and this is my fav. I have both colors and I love having them sit on my desk. I wish there were more colors to add to my collection (neutrals of course!).

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