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We believe we can all make a difference.

No judgement, no lectures, just people doing their best to encourage healthy habits and good office days for other people doing their best. Sustainability is a term we hear a lot, maybe even too much. What does this mean? Simply, it means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It’s a way of living that is a lifestyle in which we attempt to reduce our use of the earth’s natural resources and our personal resources. There is no sustainable material, per se, because for everything you need a resource. It’s a matter of how long the resource can stay in the user cycle, with the least amount of impact from extracting and processing, with end-of-life then being as easy as possible.


Our every action impacts the foundation of our life on earth. Daily decisions we make, what we consume, where we buy, how we choose to live, point to the values we hold and promote. These choices, combined, affect the world we live in. Good Office Day understands these conscious decisions consumers are making and we take that into account in our products. Unpersuaded by trends and fads, our products are equal parts functional, well-designed and sustainable. How sustainable? Based on our definition, we have made every attempt to limit their impact. Most of our products are backyard compostable, meaning they naturally degrade into nutrient-rich organic material when disposed of, leaving little or no visible or toxic residue and are fairly priced. 

natural oceanfront

We are learning more everyday through science and research initiatives and will update and reallocate resources and processes where we can. Talk it up. Enthusiasm is contagious. “Share what you are doing and why it matters,” says Katherine Wilkinson, PhD, author, strategist, teacher and vice president of communication & engagement at Project Drawdown. “ That’s where we start to see the ripple effect. If you keep it all to yourself, you’re missing out on the biggest impact you can have.”

“We’re determined to do our best to bring the goodness to all the above in whatever ways we can, and if that means we cannot do it alone, we’ll work with the people who know more than us and learn. Because when it comes to sustainability, humility and collaboration is just as good as setting a high bar”

Chris and Kevin

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