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Clean your (other) desktop.

Cluttered desk = cluttered mind.

Your desk can be packed with things, but it's a relief to contain them. Wrangle in those pens, clips and notes to self. If you have piles– yes, I'm talking to myself–tidy them up and neatly stack.

Feels better already.

Happy half hours.

Take time to connect with your work colleagues. An empathetic connection with those we work with helps us feel more connected to our jobs.

We suggest a note, a text, a phone call, even a virtual happy hour to stay connected and say, "Hey, have a good office day."

Go for a walk.

A 2014 Stanford study suggests a person's creative output increases by 60% when they are walking rather than staying still.

If you are able to take your walk outside, it can serve as a palate cleanser for the mind, making it easier to sit back at the work table.

Space day.

Sorry, it's my space day.

Create some space around yourself. Set up a meeting free work day, and be committed to keeping it in place. Your space day is as important as everything else on your calendar.

You'll be amazed what you can get done when you're not "zooming" in and out of meetings.

Shut it down.

The relationship between time spent working and the resulting output is not linear. In 2019, Microsoft Japan tested 4-day work weeks and found productivity went up 40%.

Take your time off as seriously as you take your deadlines.

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